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What makes us different? It all starts with a conversation.


Someone once said that state-of-the-art is transient. That it's changing all the time. Whether it's software like an app, or a hardware like a TV or camera, it's always evolving.
At Marvar Media we understand the importance of state-of-the-art technology. 
We also understand that technology is just a tool.


What makes us different is we are experts at choosing the correct creative tools to best tell your story. After all, it's not about the bells and whistles. It's about about using them correctly to give your message the greatest impact.  Should you use motion graphics or testimonials? On-camera talent or voice-over with images?  Green screen or shoot on-location?

The possibilities are endless. Marvar Media helps you narrow down the choices that make the most sense for your project.


Many times a company will have their brand equity already established and just want us to execute an idea they have. 

Another company may need help creating and crafting their message from scratch. Either way, we can help you determine the best creative approach to highlight your value proposition. We then offer a proposal to take you through the entire production process including:


-Creative Development


-Acquisition of Crew, Talent, & Location  

-Editing, graphics, animation, and all other digital details if needed, all tailored to your project.​


The media value chain is changing, The advertising business model is changing as well. Marvar Media represents a new way to do business, utilizing a vast network of industry professionals that represent a variety production skill sets. And since every project is different in terms of budget, scope, audience and myriad other factors, Marvar Media uses only the resources needed to get the job done. Saving you time and money. 


We offer a wide range of production services including:


Creative Development                  




Video Production              


Post Production         

Motion Graphics

2D & 3D Animation                       




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